How to Edit Your M3U Playlist Online

Our free online tool is designed to simplify the editing of your M3U playlists. Guaranteed to provide direct access, users can easily navigate to our tool’s URL, and select their preferred method (M3U or Xtream) by entering their username, password, and DNS of the playlist.


Simply click the 'Start' button, and you'll gain full access to edit your playlist.


Once you access your playlist, you can make various modifications such as:

Reordering the list

Changing names or other content within a category

Correcting wrong images

Editing EPG data and more

After editing, you can download a copy of your newly modified playlist, preserving all your changes in a new file.


Example Usage:

Try creating a specialized child playlist for sports, featuring only Bein and Sky channels. Download your customized file and experience the changes firsthand. We’d love to hear your feedback!

How to Edit Your M3U Playlist Online