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trex Playlist Overview

Trex Playlist Overview

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Designed for both novices and seasoned resellers, TREX offers a robust platform that combines high reliability, seamless streaming, and extensive channel selections.

Experience state Of The Art features that elevate your IPTV reselling with enhanced control, comprehensive analytics, and customized subscription plans to fit every customer's needs.

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  • Live Tv channels :29,083
  • VOD Movies library :142,335
  • Series library :27,608
  • EPG ratio :27.73%
  • Free Trial : Yes
  • Playlist scour : 112.67%
  • Panel URL :
  • Credits System :12 Credit = 1 Year
  • Free Applications existing on trex

Full Channels Playlist

 Movies - LAT - Monstruos a la obra
 Movies - LAT - Doctor Who
 Movies - LAT - Chucky
 Movies - AR - مسلسل الرمز كرلانج
 Movies - AR - مسلسل تل الرياح

Trex Series

Discover a diverse collection of Series on trex ! Enjoy box office hits, popular releases, and acclaimed films in genres like action, comedy, drama, horror, and more.

offers an ad Free movie experience on any device.

Explore genres such as sci Fi, documentaries, concerts, and theater performances.

Join us for a cinematic journey!

Trex Movies

Explore the latest movies added to trex server, featuring a curated selection that’s perfect for your customers.

As a reseller or supplier, gain access to an expansive catalog through IptvVendor and deliver a seamless entertainment experience.

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